Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales
Evropský usazený advokát


Hourly fee – 2.400-3.400 CZK per hour

Hourly rate depends on the complexity of each case.

Retainer fee

A retainer monthly fee for agreed amount of hours at discounted hourly rate can be agreed with individual clients.

Flat fee

Often also referred to as “fixed rate”. A specific fee is agreed beforehand for a given task.

Contingency fee

Also called “success fee”. The fee is based on a percentage of the amount awarded in a given case. In accordance with ethical standards, this will usually not be higher than 25%. Contingency fees are not available in certain types of proceedings (e.g.: as a fee for criminal defence).

I provide legal services in both Czech and English language. Commencement of work is possible immediatelly after payment of sufficient deposit, from which the fee is continuously covered. Unused deposit is returned to the client on demand. All services are properly accounted to the client. The invoice for legal service does not include a detailed description of individual items – such list is provided separately to the client. The client is always kept fully informed about remaining funds available as part of the deposit for legal services and in case that the matter is evolving in such a way, the client is informed about significant re-evaluation of costs. The fee does not include disbursements (such as administrative fees or travel expenses).